Wakeboarder : James Boggia – A work in progress

Need an iPhone friendly link? Here ya go!

Need an iPad friendly link? Here ya go!

Want to see it in 1080P over on SmugMug? Get amongst it!

I used to shoot a lot of wakeboarding. It was a passionate love affair that eventually got left in the wake (no pun intended) of corporate production and an actual income.

I shot everything on the Panasonic HVX, loved it and had an absolute ball. . .but now the HVX has been gone for quite a while, I got to thinking about what might happen if I turned a Canon lens on the action.

Enter James Boggia, a mate of mine who is fresh from being crowned World Champion in Turkey and happens to be pretty good at the standing sideways on a water board thing.

We decided we would start getting some footage, and this is just a quick and dirty camera test cut of what we have after two very short sets. It’s a major work in progress, but instead of collating footage for an eternity and releasing one 5 minute clip, I thought we’d leak stuff along the way so you can watch things come together. This is here strictly as a point of reference to look back on and probably for Boggia to sling around facebook.

The edit is rough as guts, continuity was tossed roughly aside, it’s ungraded footage straight out of the camera, has no filters applied – this folks, is as dirty as it gets. . .The angles are limited, but it’s a start. . .from here the only way is up and that’s where we intend to take it. . .

All real time footage was shot on the Canon 5DMKII and the slow motion was shot on the Canon 7D.

Stay tuned for more info as things develop and a full run down on the shooting techniques when we’re done and dusted!


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  • Ants

    my bro that looks like the good ole days all right, Glass cameras and im sure there might have been a jonny hiding behind that lens some where.

  • Marc Boggia

    Christian this looks great and thanks so much for the support you have shown James over the last couple of year.
    all the best

    • Christian

      Thanks Marc, no hassle mate. It’s definitely not a chore working with Boggia. I had a ball shooting with him this week! :)

      This is just a test though, we’re not in any rush for a deadline on this, so I think we’ll just take our time and really try and create something different. I’ve got some ideas, just need to find time to make them work. :)

      Any plans on a visit to the Sunny Coast soon? Be good to catch up for a beer!

  • Marc Boggia

    soon I hope as James is working with Daniel Pyne and Kirk Langford to point him in the right direction…guess he is in very good hands. When I come down beer is a must!!!
    Any chance of some more footage of Junk Yard Sessions?

    • Christian

      Nice, will be good to catch up Marc. The footage from the Junkyard sessions is still there, life got in the way of that one. Definitely keen to revisit it though. Trouble is, it will be a mammoth undertaking, much like the actual shoot! :)

      Looking forward to catching up! :)

  • Andrew Baty

    Can’t wait to see the final product if this is your test stuff. Still rockin’ Boags.

  • Marc Boggia

    Christian I had a friend from Germany who used to be marketing director for Daimler Chrysler (MercedesBenz)
    He loved it but asked what it will be used for>>>I had no idea …please help!

  • Gus

    Man that look sick!!! Boggia deserves!!! well done.

  • Cody Wood

    Awesome work. You got my dream in your hands right there be easy with it. Man I wish I could just shoot wakeboard vids. Keep it up I cant wait to see the full version.

    • Christian

      Hahah! Thanks Cody!

      I used to shoot alot of wakeboarding and released a couple of DVD’s over here. It can be a hell of a lot of fun! :)

      We’ll be looking at doing some more soon which will be cool. These days, it’s a really nice departure from corporate production, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  • Dave

    Hmmm, is there a GoPro in your future?

    • Christian

      There’s a GoPro in my present! :) I’ve had one for a couple of months now. They go alright.

      I want to be very careful how it’s used in this experiment though. GoPro footage is really nothing new in wakeboarding and this project is about capturing things differently, so it’s a matter of incorporating the GoPro in a fresh way and not relying on it for ‘cheap thrills’.

      I shot wakeboarding for so long, I’m not so interested in shooting it again unless we’re doing something very different. So that’s the challenge, in a sport that has been shot in every which way, how to do something different. . .we’ll see. . . :)

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